• We are AudienceQ

    Our mission is to ensure mobile advertising is more relevant, timely and responsive.

  • Personalisation at Scale

    We are passionate about mobile technology and data and have addressed some of the issues associated with location-based marketing such as relevancy, accuracy, transparency & privacy


    We are helping advertisers around the world to better understand their target audience’s behaviour and purchase intent before, during and after a mobile advertising campaign has gone live.

    Unrivaled Mobile Data & Consumer Insights

    Right Message.

    5 billion events processed everyday

    Right Person.

    1 billion people worldwide

    Right Location.

    44 countries across the globe

    We turn data into information and information into insights

    Insights & Analysis

    • Loyalty Management
    • Competitive Insights
    • Site Selection Analysis
    • Segmentation
    • Look-alike Modelling

    Audience Buy

    Programmatic control: welcome to a more cost-effective approach to reaching your audiences

    • Decouple media from data
    • Only pay for the media you need
    • Eliminate any media buying risks

    Attribution & Footfall

    • Uplift
    • Visit Rate
    • Footfall Trends
    • Brand Affinity

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